How it works

Kelisec’s patented security solution is a unique method – making authentication and encryption safer than ever.

The Kelisec method - patented security solution

How it works
The communication flow of the method is divided in two phases. The first phase, RAV (Registration-Authentication-Verification), will only be transacted the first time. Three steps of registration, authentication and verification is been made between the party/user, the device and connection between the person and the device and the seed server.

The second phase, The session establishment Phase;

  1. Node A send authentication request and a communication request to the server to connect with Node B. 
  2. Server send authentication response with a generating file and the attached metadata to each Node in a secure way.
  3. Each Node will generate an intermediate data set. The first intermediate data set is sent from Node A to Node B (publicly). The second intermediate data set is made by Node B.
  4. Node B generate a third intermediate data set which is sent to Node A (publicly).
  5. A process file is created in each node, independent and autonomous from the other node. This replaces shared keys / secrets.
  6. The communication between the parties will start without any connection with the SES server needed, so even if anything would happen to the server the communication can continue. When the session is over, there is no trace of the communication on the parties devices. The communication sequence mutates every millisecond/nanosecond which makes it secure against all known attacks and man-in-middle attacks.

Unique features of Kelisec’s solution

The Kelisec Method eliminates the problem with key distribution since no keys are exchanged. This also makes the method cost effective, no certificate administration is needed.

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Kelisec are specialists in IT-security solutions, focused on strong authentication and enabling encryption without key distribution. With our unique patended technology, we are in the front when it comes to offering secure communication between devices.
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