Telecom is a highly applicable area for the Kelisec solution, ensuring secure communication on various levels.

How to use it

Secure voice

The Kelisec solution can secure data and protect voice communication from eavesdropping.

Secure chat

Text-messaging can be protected both from eavesdropping and alterations. In addition the Kelisec solution enables secure authentication of the right receiving device.


More and more payments are made over mobile networks. The Kelisec solution can e.g. secure the transactions made by different services in the operator’s network.

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 Increasing numbers of connected devices require new security solutions to meet the challenges of the future. Kelisec’s solutions ensures that it really is the right devices communicating, and that the communication is secure. Feel free to contact us to learn more how our solutions could support your specific security needs.

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Kelisec are specialists in IT-security solutions, focused on strong authentication and enabling encryption without key distribution. With our unique patended technology, we are in the front when it comes to offering secure communication between devices.
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