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Swedish inventor Elise Revell presents:

Disruptive keyless encryption for IoT and securing the cloud

New technology demands new security

Kelisec AB has developed a proof of concept in cooperation with Virtusa Polaris based on the patented Kelisec method. The Kelisec method is a new revolutionary way to transfer encrypted secure communication without keys. The method also enables secure registration, authentication and verification of both physical person, device and server.

The Proof of Concept includes the following:
1. Secure cloud communication and privacy throughout the entire IoT supply chain. This solution can also be extended to Blockchain.
2. Secure registration, authentication and verification of both devices and server.
3. Secure communication between node A and node B by mutating metadata and AES 256.
4. Securing the cloud.

Kelisec solution provides security, safety and privacy throughout the entire IoT supply chain.
All PKI (Public key infrastructure) solutions rely on prime number and since Elise Revell herself cracked the algorithm of prime numbers in 2002, she realized that when she aspired to build a new secure communication solution – it had to be without distribution of any keys.
The method has been scientifically proven in two different papers. The conferences Fares (Frontiers in Availability, Reliability and Security) and ASQT (Availability Security Quality Testing and Innovation) has reviewed and approved the scientific publications. The committee includes Harvard University and Royal Holloway among others.

Acreo RISE (a Swedish research institute within electronics, optics and communication technologies) has written a report with the conclusion that the method is sound.

The Kelisec method is patented (7 patents) in all major industrialized countries. The patents cover 80% of the world population.

Secure cloud communication and privacy throughout the entire IoT supply chain


Contact info:
Elise Revell, Founder, Inventor, CSO
+46 704 335 661


Anna Amgren
Senior Business Consultant
+46 709 716 222

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Kelisec are specialists in IT-security solutions, focused on strong authentication and enabling encryption without key distribution. With our unique patended technology, we are in the front when it comes to offering secure communication between devices.


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