IT security is crucial within Health- and Medical care to ensure patient safety. Kelisec’s solution can be used for e.g. communication and information management between patients and healthcare providers, as well as internally between different parties at the provider.

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In e-health, it is critical that the right person/patient receives the right diagnosis and treatment. The authentication must be secure and impossible to breach.


M2M (Machine-2-Machine) – to connect several smart devices, is increasingly within healthcare. E.g. alarms from various devices, or video-streams from a camera. Kelisec’s solutions can e.g. authenticate that it is the right devices alarming, as well as encrypt the video-stream to avoid unauthorized access.


All communication is encrypted with strongest available method. The communication sequence mutates every millisecond. This makes it secure against all known attacks and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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With increasing digitalization in healthcare new demands arise on the communication to maintain patient safety and integrity. Kelisec provides solutions within encryption and authentication that can solve several of the challenges healthcare are facing today from a security perspective. Feel free to contact us to learn more how our solutions could support your specific security needs.

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Kelisec are specialists in IT-security solutions, focused on strong authentication and enabling encryption without key distribution. With our unique patended technology, we are in the front when it comes to offering secure communication between devices.


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